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Stop over-watering your yard, learn exactly what you need to set your water controller. Ensure you are using the best amount of water for the specific weather or time of year.

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While some homeowners believe they can save money by avoiding landscape design work, professional design can be reasonable and help homeowners avoid typical pitfalls and mistakes.

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Sustainable Gardening Tips

Maintain a two to four inch layer of mulch on the soil surface to reduce weeds, infiltrate rain water, and reduce compaction.

Remove irrigation water and fertilizer from areas where you don't want weeds to grow.

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Water Saving Tips

Mulching around plants helps retain water and improves the soil.

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Water Conservation

  • Water early in the morning to avoid losing water to evaporation and winds.
  • Adjust sprinklers to water plant areas only.
  • Prevent runoff by applying water slowly and using multiple cycles.